Photo Tips

Photos are a huge part of the decision-making process when it comes to booking a space. Here are a few recommendations to make your photos stand out.

  • Lights, camera, action. Brightness emphasizes the detail and color of a room, and showcases your space to its best advantage. For best results, take your pictures in the daytime and/or switch on overhead lighting and lamps to illuminate the space.
  • Go for panorama. Add dimension by shooting the range of your space. Avoid extreme close-ups. Show what your entire space has to offer.
  • Set the scene. Photograph your home from the guest's point of view by showing pictures from the door to their room(s). Shoot elements that make your space charming, different, and special.
  • Cut the clutter. Simplifying your space will make it more livable and presentable (just be sure your efforts are a true reflection of how guests will find the space once they arrive!).
  • Stress the pluses. Highlight what makes your space unique and comfortable, like your sunken tub, covered patio, or panoramic views.

When you're ready, upload your photos to your listing. For best quality, we recommend using photos more than 45K in size.

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