• In addition to the rental fee set by the Host, we charge 6-12% on top of the booking fee–the more you spend, the lower your fee will be. Hosts require a security deposit and may charge cleaning fees.

  • Hosts come from many different walks of life. Generally, they are individuals who:

    • Wish to make some extra income
    • Want to rent out their spaces while they are traveling
    • Are interested in meeting people from other places
    • Want to share information about their city
  • We can list virtually any type of space, as long as it provides some level of privacy and security along with reasonable accommodations for your guests :

    • RV, motorhome, caravan, campervan, trailer, parking spot (our specialty)
    • Boat or equipment parking close to boat docks or construction sites
    • General vehicle parking for events or any length of storage such as out of town travel
    • Vacation rental apartment or house
    • Spare room
    • Boat Slip
    • Short term venue parking
    • Commercial campground
    • Vacant lot for parking or storage
  • The length of stay depends on the mutually agreed upon dates set by the host and guest. Some common examples include:

    • Overnight
    • A weekend
    • A few week nights
    • A full week
    • Sublet for a month or two
  • Look for the "Verified Photo" watermark on photos.

    Please note “RV Parking Spot.com” is placed in the upper right hand corner of each photo uploaded on our site. However, this mark does NOT designate a "Verified Photo."

    Verified photos are those with a check mark and "Verified" text in the watermark.

    Reviews from previous guests serve as a good guide to expectations and previous experiences with a host.

  • If you arrive at a property and it is not as advertised by the host, or doesn′t meet a minimum standard of safety, access, or cleanliness, contact us. In most cases, guests and hosts can resolve these issues between themselves. If the matter can′t be resolved, we′ll issue a refund or do our best to find you another place to stay.

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