• RV Parking Spot is a booking platform and travel community that offers an array of unique spots for travelers in recreation vehicles to stay outside the normal spots to which they are normally restricted. We offer an alternative to structured RV parks and campgrounds, allowing travelers to broaden their horizons and find their "New Favorite Place". We can get you closer to the attraction, closer to the ocean or your favorite lake or sports arena than any RV campground. RV Parking Spot operates globally, offering hosts and guests opportunities to rent spaces all over the world. We are global enterprise dedicated to providing online travel products and services promoting fun, affordable spaces to park your RV

  • We believe our position as a global brand comes with a level of responsibility, and we strive to serve as a positive example and give back to the community.

    Our business is driven by our seven core objectives, which play an instrumental role in the overall management of RV Parking Spot Group and its subsidiaries. As the foundation of our values, they provide a framework for our decision-making processes. Our objectives continually inspire us to improve, adapt, and succeed so we can lead the way as a global enterprise while giving back to those in need.

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