• Hosting Instruction

      Create a complete profile. A photo of yourself and specific details will help guests be more likely instill trust in potential guests. Post many photos of your property, preferably from the spring or summer with fresh cut green grass or anything else that might bring aesthetic beauty to your property.

      To list your property, click the "List your Spot" button at the top of the main page. List all available amenities you can offer and if you're not already, consider offering at least the essentials such as Wi-Fi internet access, fresh water, cable tv and electricity. This will greatly increase the appeal of your listing. Price your listing accordingly, taking into consideration how much these amenities will cost you. . You will need to enter all required information and steps, to include updating your calendar and adding photos of your property.

      Verify your calendar. Clicking the "Calendar" button, will allow you to review and also change your price for individual days; just click on the day you wish to edit and enter a new price. This is useful for holidays and special events in your area. You can also make dates "Unavailable" to book; this is useful when you're out of town or for any other reason you don't want to book your property on this date. Again, click the date and select "unavailable" from the pull down menu. Be sure to click the "My calendar is up to date" button once you're satisfied.

      The final step is to click the "Manage my listing" button and then the Activate Listing button. Last step is to click the slide button that now shows "HIDDEN", this will toggle between "HIDDEN" and "VISIBLE". Make "VISIBLE" will show your property to the world, available for booking.

      At the moment, you must have or create a PayPal account to accept payments. This is free and is, as present, one of the most secure payment processing systems available online. In the future, we will offer other payment receipt options.

  • When someone wants to book your property, a booking request is generated; you will see a notification under Dashboard, Your Listings, My Reservations. You will also receive an email from us under the email address you provided in your profile. You can either Accept or Cancel this reservation. You can also send a message to the guest and ask any questions before you make a decision.

    If you accept the reservation request, click on the Accept Reservation button under Dashboard, Your Listings, My Reservations page. The guest will receive an acceptance email and be notified on their page. They will then proceed to the payment page and make payment for the reservation, along with any security deposit requirement.

    Within 24 hours of the first day of the reservation period, we will process payment to your PayPal account.

    If you cancel the reservation, we will send a message to the guest who requested the reservation, notifying them of the cancellation. No further action from you is required.

  • If there is a problem with the reservation, the guest may request a refund. If this happens, we will email you with their complaint and suggest a resolution. You can express your viewpoint on the matter and we'll make a final decision in the matter.

    If we decide a refund is warranted to the guest, we'll request you either fund the guests PayPal account directly or fund our PayPal account and we'll transfer the amount to the guest. The amount may be the total amount, or only part of the amount, depending on what amount we decide is fair. Our decision is final. If hosts refuse to comply with our decision on refunds, we will cancel the account without notice and all future reservations will be cancelled. Unfortunately, this is the only way to preserve the integrity our site and provide the best possible service to both our hosts and guests.

    All refund emails will be to and from refunds@rvparkingspot.com.

  • You may cancel a reservation to your property at any time prior to the deadline you have set on the site. No fees you will be processed. Please send a message to the guest, notifying them of the cancelation. However, if you cancel the reservation after either the deadline set by you or after the reservation time has begun, no refund will be processed and all funds will go back to the guest.

    If we have already paid you for this booking, and you cancel the reservation without cause, you will be required to refund the full amount of the reservation to the guest, unless a different agreement has been made with the guest. If you fail to refund the guests funds, you may be deleted from the site. If you feel you have a claim against a refund, see our "Refunds" section in this FAQ. Processing fees are non-refundable for cancelations.

  • Security deposit claims must be made within 48 hours after the check out date/time. After this time, we will not accept claims from hosts against the security deposit. Send requests to resolution@rvparkingspot.com. We will investigate and determine if all, some, or none of the deposit is warranted. Our decision is final and no further resolution through the site is available. We may require several days to weeks to make our decision, because we'll be contacting the guest. Send us much information as possible, including photos.

  • Groups offer hosts to list their properties to other members of the group. Members usually offer special discounts to members of the group that don't offer to members outside the group. You can connect with like-minded people. Go to the Groups page, click the "Join a Group" button, then click the "Rent Your Spot" button. This will take you to the listing your spot page. Complete the listing section and your property will be listed in this group. Have fun with your new friends

  • This is a good question and can vary depending on several factors. The short answer is that almost any property owner that has space for a motorhome can make money. RV/Motorhome travelers cross nearly every road there is, and often need a place to stop that isn't close to a traditional campground. There are factors, however, that can determine how much money you'll make and include, most importantly, LOCATION , LOCATION, LOCATION. Other factors will include the time of year and events in your area.

    The biggest money makers will be those properties in resort locations like major cities, ski resorts, amusement park areas, coastal beaches, gambling towns, etc. The top resort cities in the world are Orlando, Paris, Washington DC, London, Las Vegas, Rome, Miami, Berlin, Niagara Falls, Manhattan, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Vatican City, Corpus Christi, Lourdes, Miami, Key West, Madrid, Yosemite, Boston, Moscow, Chicago, Anaheim California, Istanbul Turkey, Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney, Gyenonggi-Do, San Francisco, Cologne, Istanbul, Barcelona, Beijing, Marne-la-Vallee, New York City, Seoul, Gatlinburg, Rome, Universal City, Branson, Hong Kong, Seattle and Mexico City. If you live in or around one of these cities, you'll do very well hosting a spot for motorhome travelers.

    Locations near major attractions are also great places to host such as Disney's Magic Kingdom (Orlando), Disneyland (Anaheim), Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo) Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes (Lourdes, France), Great Smokey Mountain National Park, Everland (South Korea), Golden Gate Park (San Francisco), Eiffel Tower, The Grand Bazaar (Istanbul, Turkey), The Colosseum, (Rome), Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Great Wall of China, Times Square, Central Park (NYC), Cologne Cathedral (Cologne, Germany), The Louvre, Bourbon Street, Notre Dame Cathedral, Mount Rushmore, Banff National Park, Verde Valley, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, The Vegas Strip, Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris), Disneyland Park (Marne-la-Vallée, France), Sacré Coeur Basilica (Paris), PIER 39 (San Francisco), Niagara Falls, Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Boston), St. Peter's Basilica (Vatican City, Rome), Times Square (Manhattan, NYC, NY). There are other examples, but you get the idea. If you live around these, or other attractions, you stand a very good chance at being very successful with your listings.

    Any coastal tourist town are great locations for hosting. Examples are Miami, Destin (Florida), Panama City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Corpus Christi, Daytona, Bar Harbor (Maine), Finca Cortesin (Spain), Tofino (BC, Canada), any of the coastal towns in Queensland, Australia (can you say Great Barrier Reef?), Boca Grande (Florida), Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Kitsilano Beach (Kits Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), Cape Town (South Africa), and many other locations. List your property here and see some great seasonal income.

    Other great locations will be close to sports and events stadiums such as Football, Baseball, NASCAR, Soccer (European Futbol) and Basketball and Concert stadiums (if you live very close to one of these stadiums, you'll do very, very well). Also, along major interstate highways, motorways and roadways will be good locations for your hosted property. Essentially, if you live near a major stadium or arena, you'll do great hosting your property.

    Another great location are properties that are waterfront/oceanfront and/or have a great view of the mountains, city or other beautiful sights. If you happen to own one of these locations, you'll do very well indeed. What motorhome/RV traveler wouldn't love to have a private, lakefront spot. Hosting your vacant, wilderness property is a great way to make your mortgage payments. For large lots in these locations, you could set up several "spots" and host multiple guests at the same time.

    Finally, locations that have experienced an unexpected growth due to some circumstance are great locations since local accommodations cannot handle the influx of people. Some examples of these locations are such as the Olympics, an oil boom (Bakken/Williston, ND area), natural disaster areas (you could even donate your spot to displaced home owners and emergency workers), etc. There are many other examples of this situation where local housing/accommodation shortages are brought on by a massive influx of people that would make your property a valuable commodity.

    These places are just a very small sample of the locations that will do very well for people listing their property and hosting motorhome travelers. And, being free to list, what do you have to lose? Just take a few minutes to create a profile and list your property; you never know what can happen.

  • Here are some scenarios we've put together to help you determine how much money you can potentially make using our site This list is by no means complete, and as we gather more data, we'll post other venues with potential earnings. We feel that wherever you happen to be, you have the potential to profit from our system List your property for free and find out; what do you have to lose?

    YEAR-ROUND CITIES AND RESORT AREAS: These are cities that never sleep and resorts that operate year-round. In these areas, every day there is the potential for you to host a traveler. Depending on the location, you can stand to make up to $20,000 a year for a single spot; if you have a large property, double or triple these figures. This, of course, depends on your location in these areas and the availability of campgrounds in the area.

    SEASONAL RESORT/TOURIST AREAS: Typically, a resort season lasts 90 days; some longer, some a bit shorter, however, this is average. Many resort areas now charge in excess of $100/night for RV/motorhome travelers to stay on their lot. If, say, you live in this area and you charge $60/night to host these same travelers, you could make in excess of $5,400 during the tourist season, and likely another $1,000 the rest of the year for events held in the area. Not bad for just letting someone park on your driveway or lawn.

    MAJOR ROADWAYS SUCH AS INTERSTATES, MOTORWAYS, ETC.: Again, the potential is great for those residing close to major roadways. Travelers will be able to pull up a map on their smart phone and see all the pinpointed properties available to them along their route. This makes your location ideal. Typically, RV/motorhome campgrounds are not located close to interstate highways or major roadways, making hotels the only option to travelers. Also, these travelers typically simply want a place to park for the night and are on their way first thing in the morning; the perfect guest. Since the pay is all online, you don't even need to be present for your traveler to book and pay you. You'll need to be ready to accept reservation requests quickly since these travelers are usually "on the road" looking for a place to stay. You can make up to $7,000/year with one listing in these locations.

    SPORTS/EVENTS STADIUMS/ARENAS: These will be the biggest money makers, with many of these arenas hosting events 200 times a year, the potential is huge. Charging $60/night (some events will demand more), you have the potential of making $12,000/year, possibly more. If you have a large property near one of these stadiums/arenas, you could double that.

    BAKKEN OIL FIELDS: This is the area located in and around NW North Dakota, Western Montana and Southern Central Canada. The potential here is really unlimited, especially if you're a farmer or property owner with a large lot. Rents in this area exceed $2,000/month for one bedroom apartments and RV campgrounds are booked solid, demanding insane amounts of money. People are living in the parking lots of businesses like WalMart because there is simply no other place to park their vehicle or motorhome. With only one spot, you could potentially make $30,000/year and much, much more. All that for simply letting a traveler park their vehicle on your property. If I lived in this area, I would invest in some super insulated camper trailers, put them on my lot and retire. This model applies to anywhere, where there is an event that has created a housing shortage because of temporary workings coming to the area and staying for an extended period.

  • This depends on a few factors and can vary for the day depending on special events in your area. We recommend, depending on what amenities you offer your guests and proximity of campgrounds to your location, that you price your listing between 40 and 75 percent of what local RV/motorhome/camper campgrounds are charging their guests; your price also depends on how many, and what amenities you offer compared to the resorts/campgrounds. These prices can be increased during special events such as concerts, sporting events, fairs, etc. You can edit the your listing price for each individual day if you desire. Examples: Resort town during spring break and the summer; $60/night (Based on local $100/night RV campground prices); across the street from a major sports event/concert, we recommend $80/night or higher depending on demand. Obviously, if you have a property with a spectacular view, on the ocean or the like, you can charge quite a bit more to guests, perhaps equaling the price offered by the campgrounds in the area, or even a bit more.

    Another trick is to offer them the campgrounds don't, such as fishing spots, a great view, access to your home to shower, etc. Offer a pet friendly area. All these ideas can allow you to charge a bit more for your listing.

    We recommend you adjust your prices based on how many reservations you're taking at your current price. If you seem to be continuously sold out, we recommend you bump your price a bit and see what happens. If you can't seem to book a guest, lower your price and increase your amenities. It'll take some tweaking, but you'll figure out the right price. Contact us support@rvparkingspot.com for assistance if you're having trouble; we're here to help and ensure you get the most out of this experience.

  • You should offer whatever you can to your guests and help them have the best time they've ever had. The basics we would like every property to provide (although we understand not every property can offer these) are 110V (or whatever the standard is in your country) electricity power via an extension cord to the parking spot and a fresh water hose. Not quite as important, but great to offer are cable and internet access (typically via cordless WiFi), and pet area. These are the basic amenities we'd like you to offer your guests, of course, there are many other you can offer that will enhance your guests stay and allow you to charge more for your property. These include a great view; access to the ocean, lake or river; fishing poles; golf clubs; bicycles; security; access to the bathrooms/showers in your home, and others; it's all up to you. Be sure to list everything on your listing page. If you intend to offer such amenities as pool/jacuzzi/hot tub access, we recommend you contact an attorney and draft up an agreement to hold you to be not at fault should something happen to your guests during their stay; this may even be important for bikes or scooter use. You can even provide them "taxi" service to shuttle them around town. Of course, you can disclose that you will charge your guest for certain amenities such as bicycle or scooter rental, etc. Be sure to have a signed agreement prior to lending them your gear. Contact us at support@rvparkingspot.com if you have any questions

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