• RV Parking Spot users have booked stays in thousands of cities in hundreds of countries worldwide. Given the high caliber of our user community, the vast majority of our experiences have been positive. In rare instances, issues or incidents do happen, which is why we′ve established tools that foster a safe and trusted marketplace for booking spaces around the world.

    Some of these tools include our phone and chat support (9:00 AM – 6 PM CST),our secure payment system, and rich user profiles and reviews.

  • The safety and security of our community is our top priority. We provide users with the tools they need for flagging, message threads, and listings, and provide them with around-the-clock phone access to our customer service team.

  • If you ever feel unsafe or threatened as a host or guest, call the local police or emergency services immediately.

    If you have an emergency related to your booking (you′re unable to reach your host at check-in, for instance) contact us immediately.

  • In non-emergency situations, contact Customer Service and a representative will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

  • Look for a complete profile that includes a full name, descriptive personal bio, and photo. You should also be able to verify their phone number, connect to their Facebook account, and reach their references.

  • We provide tools for users to build their reputation and verify the information on their profile. Profiles can include up to twenty photos (and video for hosts), verified phone numbers and email addresses, and reviews from other users.

    In addition, our social connections feature connects a user′s Facebook account to their RV Parking Spot account, enabling you to see if you have mutual friends or a similar network. Hosts can see a guest′s full name before accepting a reservation. We encourage users to get to know each other through our messaging system.

    You can always request that missing information on a profile be completed.

    Remember: when in doubt, ask questions! If you′re not getting the answers you need, consider booking with someone else.

  • Our advanced, back-end tools proactively detect fraud and work to keep the community safe from scammers. In addition, our secure payment structure ensures that your financial information is safe with us.

  • The best way to protect yourself is by asking questions, and to learn as much as possible about the host or guest through reviews and references. Be wary of incomplete listing information, missing profile photos, and the absence of any other key information.

    If a host requests money prior to booking or arrival, attempts to make you pay off-site, or try to bait and switch the price in messaging, flag the message thread and alert the RV Parking Spot team.

  • RV Parking Spot does not perform criminal background checks on users, although we reserve the right to do so within our discretion.

    All users are required to create a profile with a full name, email address, and personal bio. Beyond the basics, guests can verify phone numbers, connect their Facebook accounts, and get friends to vouch for them through references. Even first-time users can build credibility!

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